About rules and how to break them every once in a while

After having a few wonderful conversations with some of the mums out there I came to realize that we often seem too “overcautious” when it comes to children these days.

I will admit that I can easily fit myself in that category and I think we need to be reminded every once in a while that “No” isn’t always the only option.
You see, I definitely have some “strict” rules I won’t change, like giving sweets to a one year old is an absolute no-go for me but there are other things where I should learn to let go every once in a while.

Day in, day out one of the sentences I say the most is “But this isn’t good for children because…” and I think you can all finish this sentence in at least 10 possible ways by heart.
Yes, I think it’s super important to know what’s right or wrong but some things won’t harm a child every once in a while.

You don’t always have to say No to a child, just go out of your way and have some fun, you will be surprised how much better your day gets and the smile you get from them is absolutely priceless.
Sometimes it’s ok to say yes to ice cream before lunch, because that’s what children do and the responsible adult you are you know it won’t happen on a daily base.
Let children run and fall down and scratch their knees. Be there to pick them up without telling them “I told you so” because it has never made anything better.

In our family we have a strict “no tv/no phones for toddlers” rule and we stick to it. You won’t find any of the kids sitting around with a phone in their hands (unless it’s turned off and we play pretend that is) but every once in a while, after a long and exhausting day, we will sit down together and watch a cute old video from the Sesame street and sing along in delight just because it feels good to reminisce in old memories and make new ones with the next generation. And because it feels good to break your own rules every once in a while.

And that’s the point, set up rules, make sure everyone in the house knows and follows them. But also know when to break those rules and have some fun, it’s the best way to live your life and the giggles you will receive along with other memories will stick with you, not all those days you stuck with you rules.
Go out, live, have some fun and know that every once in a while a No can turn into a Yes too.

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