Cloud Crafts

I love creating things and I love crafting with kids even more, so when I started my latest project, making window pictures for the dark winter months I couldn’t help but think how perfect these crafts are for kids as well!

When thinking about what I wanted to make I had the idea of a cloud with a lot of colourful raindrops to brighten the day and Google was quick in finding a pattern for me since I was feeling a bit lazy. But first of all a picture of the (first) final result:


Link for the pattern I used: Cloud with raindrops

This one was made with transparent paper I still had and Stabilos (will work with any marker/felt pen though) since I another project with watercolours didn’t work so well.

Now here’s the twist to this easy craft, it can be made with almost every material you have at home! Whether you want to make a felt cloud, or use paper, construction paper, kite paper or even wood! Plus you can always vary the size of both the cloud and the raindrops!

Kids can draw their own clouds, learn to cut things out, colour the raindrops (unless you use coloured paper to make things quicker) and you can spark a conversation about where rain comes from!

Additional idea for younger kids: Add numbers to each raindrop to learn both numbers and counting!

And when you use construction paper you can always use some sewing threat to attach the raindrops to the cloud!

You see this is an easy craft for everyone that brightens every room and you can use your fantasy to personalize/alternate it!

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