Super cute & easy Easter craft

It’s no secret that I love (seasonal) crafts and they get bonus points when they’re easy to make with kids and are things you can give to others!

When I stumbled across a picture of Miffy’s face I thought “Why not turn this into a card?” and that’s what I did, documenting each step to share it with you:

What you need:

– construction paper
– pencil
– black marker
– template (pictured below, but you can also make your own)


Step 1:

Print and cut out the template. Fold the construction paper in a half and position the template at the closed edge so it protrudes a little and trace it with a pencil


Step 2:

As you can see in the picture above, the edge is what’s going to hold the card together.
Now you may want to secure the paper with a paper clip so it won’t slip out of place when you cut it out (happened to me the first time around, leading to two different sizes of the front and back of the card).


Step 3:

Once it’s cut out the only thing left to do is to draw the eyes and nose and you’re all done and ready to send the card out – easy peasy!

Side note: If you want the card to be able to stand you might want to cut a straight lower edge, but that’s totally up to you!



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