Newborn Essentials

One of the questions that comes up the most, may it be within the family, with friends or on social media is “what are some of the most important newborn essentials?” and almost everyone will have a different answer to it. And that’s totally okay!
The market out there is huge and it’s hard to get an overview, that’s why I decided to make this post, to gather some essentials and small shops that offer cute and useful products that will make your first weeks and months with your little one a little easier.

This is part one since I decided to split it because, as I said, the market can be overwhelming and I decided to categorize it a little to make it easier for you (and me)!


  1. Margaux & May (multi-functional and whimsical muslin swaddle blankets)
  2. mint & arrows (makes the cutest cocoon swaddles with matching headbands/beanies)
  3. The Ollie World (a simple but clever swaddle that grows with your baby and is easy to use)
  4. DockATot (a “nest” for co-sleeping, travelling, playtime, cuddling and so much more)
  5. Tubby Todd (bath time and skin care essentials, free from anything you wouldn’t want to put on your baby’s skin)
  6. Puj Tub (a safe and easy way to bath your baby)
  7. Ryan & Rose (pacifier clips in a lot of different designs that keep everything safe and in place that you don’t want to lose, not just pacifiers)
  8. Fawn & Finn (teething accessories and more)
  9. bannortoys (wooden teethers, rattles and toys that can be personalized and turned into a keepsake)
  10. Grimms’s Wooden Toys (the name says it all, high-quality wooden toys for every age that are colourful, educational, imaginative and fun)

Not pictured, but still worth checking out:


In the next few days I’m going to post part two that is going to include newborn/baby/kids clothes and cute/helpful accessories – until then feel free to check out my post about baby carriers, in case you’re wondering which one is right for you!

PS: Feel free to tell me about your favourite newborn essentials so I can include them in my next post!

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