The Art of Unplugging


“Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves and the preciousness of this present moment.”
― L.M. Browning

Do you ever feel stressed, unsettled or tense in your day to day life? Then taking a step back from social media and technology might be for you.

I’ve come to realize just how much technology influences our everyday lives when I actually escaped it for almost a week. It was the last full week before our summer holidays started and we were on our a five day long class trip with our third graders, our destination a remote area on a small mountain surrounded by nothing but forest and fields. The wi-fi signal was low, there was no television or radio and we spent the days exploring and evenings exchanging stories until it was time to head to bed.

It was a dream, really, but I only realized just how healing this experience had been when we actually returned back home and I heard the news for the first time in a week.
I had to acknowledge that it had felt good, to be so cut off from the world, to focus on what is right in front of and around you, instead of focusing on the onslaught of information that we are being confronted with every day of the week.

I don’t want to condemn technology (far from it, actually), but this week without (social) media has showed me just how anxious this lifestyle has been making me in the past.
This type of anxiety is becoming more and more common these days, I see it in others all the time, this specific kind of restlessness because we’re basically being overloaded with information and emotions. It’s a nasty feeling and it’s hard to tune out and even harder to get rid of when you’re stuck in this on-going stream of technology that seems to be everywhere these days.

So, how do we leave this constant state of anxiety?

I know it can seem scary or at least uncomfortable, but the easiest way, the most effective way in my opinion, is to unplug. To get away from social media, tv, radio, news for a few days and just live in the now.
Whether you’re at home (keep in mind though that media is everywhere) or on vacation, it’s a great way to refocus on what’s important in your life and what really matters to you.
Being surrounded by nature helps too, it always grounds me and calms me down and I try to squeeze in “unplugged” weekends every now and then but even in my everyday life I try to take walks through the woods or by the river to recharge for a few hours and find some balance.

Sometimes it’s really the small moments, the time spent outside without checking your phone all the time, and if you get the chance it’s the longer stretches without technology to distract you from your own life and the people around you.

I admit, at times I still suck at this, there’s no other way to put it, technology rules our lives these days and it’s hard to escape, but I think we should try to be more mindful in order to be less anxious and overwhelmed and I hope to slow down a little and put my time to good use instead of wasting it on technology that sucks all of my energy, even though some days it seems like an impossible task to accomplish.

So, get out there, unplug, spend time with the ones you love and if you feel up to it, tell me how you like to spend your unplugged time the most!

PS: This picture was taken throughout our trip and the view most definitely did not disappoint!

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