Summer Fun

With summer holidays having started (or being about to start, depending on where you live) often comes the dreaded question of how to “fill” those weeks of no school/kindergarten and today I want to share with you some easy crafts for kids of almost all ages because I love it when crafts can be done together as a family or with friends of different age groups and it’s always a nice bonus of the results are actually something useful and/or pretty you can put on display!


  1. Rock crafts

Alright, we all know kids (and big kids too πŸ˜‰ ) are obsessed with collecting rocks, am I right? And at one point or another we have probably wondered what to do with them, but fret no more, here are some fun solutions!

Rock photo holders are fun and simple to make, you can paint them however you like and they’re actually useful when displaying pictures around the house and a great motivation to actually print out some of your favourite summer memories – otherwise they can also be used for little notes or motivational quotes or even little drawings, the list of possibilities is almost endless, so get creative!

Ladybugs are another cute way to make use of your little one’s growing rock collection and they are a fun way to decorate your garden or other spaces – again, there are more than one way to paint rocks, maybe you even want to start your own little zoo of rocks (and play with them afterwards)!

When I saw those rock cacti I was immediately obsessed with the idea – it’s so simple, yet so effective! Simply grab some rocks, different shades of green (acrylic) and white paint, some smaller gravel and an old flower pot (you can decorate the pot too if you want) and let the fun begin – the result is seriously adorable and makes a great decoration too!


2. Upcycling

Here are two more upcycling ideas with things you surely collect throughout the summer – popsicle sticks and sea shells!

Don’t throw those popsicle sticks away just yet, instead clean them and use them for this fun craft – simply cut out the basic shape of popsicles (or any other shape you can think of) and let the kids decorate them with paper, stamps, glitter, pom poms and anything else you might find around the house. You can either make two sides so the stick disappears in the middle when being glued together (for older kids) or just let them decorate one side and glue the stick on the back. I personally think those are super cute and make a great prop for pretend play too!

Sea shells, what can I say, should you happen to visit a beach throughout the holidays, chances are you will come back home with a bucket of sea shells, adding to all those other buckets of sea shells from past vacations. The struggle is real, you never quite know where to put them but don’t want to throw them away either, so here’s a simple, yet beautiful idea – simply grab a canvas (maybe even paint it) and create sea shell butterflies. Add some coloured wire for the antennae and you’re good to go – it’s also a fun activity to find matching sea shells for each butterfly and see the final result!


3. Perler Beads

Perler bead coasters/covers: this is actually the only craft you might need to shop for in case you don’t have perler beads at home already, but let me tell you that the investment is well worth it and kids simply don’t get tired of using them because there are so many fun ideas!
These coasters and drink covers are really helpful during the summer months and they are fun too, so it’s a win/win! My favourite is still the watermelon one, but donuts and Minions are such a great idea too and in case you need more ideas for perler beads feel free to check out my board on Pinterest (most of those ideas are tested and approved of by our kids at elementary school!).

downloadable bookmark designs 2006.qxp


Last but not least, how about some bookmarks? Simply print them, colour and cut them and then you can either laminate them or glue them on coloured construction paper (make the piece a bit bigger to have a nice edge) and if you want to add a string of yarn (maybe even braided), simply punch a hole into the top and you’re good to go (our students love using theirs!) – then your kids can go grab a book and get that summer reading started πŸ˜‰ (more templates can be found on my board of printables)

There are plenty more ideas, of course, so feel free to share your ideas and results (you can tag me in your posts on IG because I’m curious to see what you created!) and in case you need more inspiration here’s the link to the whole board of fun summer activities!

Now get out there, explore, have fun and enjoy the sun and your summer holidays!

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