No tricks, just treats (simple + fun Halloween crafts)

Alright, I must confess that even I can’t escape the cuteness of some Halloween crafts even though it’s not really a big deal here in Germany. But since my mum has loved the decorations ever since we went to the states and I know it’s quite a big holiday in other parts of the world I gathered some fun and easy crafts and printables for you so you can get started on the Halloween fun right away!

1. Ghost Garland


Sadly the original source of these absolutely adorable ghosts seems to be gone, so I went and formatted the template in Photoshop and kept the original source in case someone happens to know where the creator is now. I checked the sizing and already made them (will post a picture on Instagram) and you can also use them to make your own ghosts!

(simply click on the pictures and save them to your computer and let me know if there are any troubles with that – again, these are not mine, I simply formatted them because the original source is gone)

2. Halloween Masks


3. Haunted House


(this one is either for older kids or you might need to prepare the template so younger kids can just cut the outlines and do the colouring part!)

4. Halloween Colouring Page(s)


While this is most definitely one of my favourite Halloween colouring pages (I think it doubles at the perfect decoration), I collected some more on my Pinterest board, especially for younger children (and children at heart)!

Now get your crafting on and feel free to tell me about your favourite Halloween crafts and tag me in your results on Instagram to let me see what you’ve been up to!

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