Moon and stars – window transparency

Just in time for the colder and darker months, I came up with a simple template and tutorial to brighten your days a little bit. This craft is suitable for children from 5 years and up, depending on the approach you choose (more about that later!) and is perfect for training gross and fine motor skills and maybe some astronomy discussions too!

What you’re going to need:


  • the template (shown below, simply save it to your computer and print it)
  • a scissors, a paper cutter or a puncher with a felt pad if you’re doing this with younger children (
  • I used a circle cutter for the circle, but you can also just cut it out normally
  • a glue stick (liquid craft glue usually causes too many problems)
  • sturdy cardboard (this is important, because otherwise the glue will make it all wavy and uneven)
  • kite paper
  • a white pencil (I prefer to use a chalk pencil)


Step 1: Print the template and transfer it onto the cardboard – you can either cut out the template first and then trace it onto the cardboard, or you can transfer it with a soft graphite pencil like this (simply trace the lines of the template after covering the back of the template with the pencil):



Step 2: Cut out or punch out the template – when using a puncher, punch the holes closely next to each other and once you’re done you can re-trace it with the needle and easily remove the punched out parts:


Step 3: Now you can glue the kite paper behind the cardboard, you can also use more than one colour, just make sure no corners are peeking out from behind the cardboard. Tip: use just enough glue so the kite paper stays in place, this might take a little practice, because it tends to tear or get uneven when using too much glue!

Once this is done, let the glue dry – you might want to use some books as a weight, but I don’t recommend this before the glue is completely dry!


Now all you have to do is find a nice spot to hang it up and enjoy the light and colours while the days get colder and shorter and of course you can always make one for each window in your home 😉

PS: As always, feel free to tag me in your creations on Instagram so I can see and share them!


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